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In the third map, the forest, i've found a lake where i can not swim.... 

I've recorded the issues, here the video!


Is this normal? Anyone has the same problem?

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This happens at a few locations. They haven't finished everything yet, the swimming itself needs an overhaul anyway.
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really its the same map?   neat
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Yup. Go to https://satisfactory-map.com/ and look it over, the three big blue circles are the 3 possible starting locations. And the rest is self explanatory.
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wow never really looked into the map before, pretty handy.   dont think ill ever use it though however, upon looking through random pages on the wiki there is supposedly a map coming so maybe itll be like minecraft style where you hold it and it highlights or itll be like a fps style where you press tab and its to the side or something idk
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Oh, yea, I don't use it myself, but it can give you an idea of what's nearby. Never meant to be used in place of the game map that is indeed in its way.
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