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In part "solo", no problem encountered at the display level, keyboard management, crash.

this is not the case in multiplayer game, here is our report.


  • Windows 7 Pro
  • Intel core I7-3770K
  • 16 GB Ram
  • Nvidia GForce GTX670
  • VDSL connection: 35 Mb / s download / 7.5 Mb / s Upload
  • 5ms latency
  • Satisfactory installed on Samsung 850 EVO SSD
  • AZERTY keyboard
  • country: France

Bug report in multiplayer mode:

  • After 200 hours of play, appearance of big lags making the game unusable
  • loss of construction shortcuts after each start / restart of the game
  • the compass does not work properly: position loss other players, probes, ...
  • the mapping of non-retained keys (zsqd), only these
  • the "²" key assigned to the construction menu no longer opens it. Even if I reassign on another key of the keyboard: the menu construction does not open any more. Same behavior if I change my keyboard (mechanical keys) G.Skill
  • Reappearance of trees and shrubs picked up or cut by chainsaw through the concrete slabs when reloading the next part
  • no display of the energy produced and consumed on generators (coal / oil / ...) or electricity poles.
  • sometimes elements built by a player (tiles, walls, machines, ...) become invisible, but are present because we can not cross them, but are visible to other players. When another player destroys them and rebuilds them: the elements become visible to everyone.
  • the sounds of engines (engines or buildings) remain audible even if they are stopped or disassembled.
  • some areas of gas are not displayed (green smoke): death without reason
  • Slugs are visible from a distance but disappear when we are where they should be.
  • you must remap the shortcut keys "1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/0" in "& / é /" / '/ (/ - / è / _ / ç / to "(azerty keyboard - region france) for this to work.

I think I noted all the worries encountered, for the moment :), this super "early access".

Thank you



En partie "solo", aucun probleme rencontré au niveau affichage , gestion du clavier, plantage.

ce n'est pas le cas en jeu multijoueur, voici notre constat.

Config :

  • Windows 7 Pro
  • Intel core I7-3770K
  • 16  Go Ram
  • Nvidia GForce GTX670
  • connexion VDSL : 35 Mb/s download / 7.5 Mb/s Upload
  • 5 ms de latence
  • Satisfactory installé sur SSD Samsung 850 EVO
  • clavier : azerty
  • pays : france

Rapport de bugs en mode multijoueurs :

  • Apres 200 heures de jeu, apparition de gros lags rendant le jeu inutilisable
  • perte des raccourcis de construction apres chaque demarrage/redemarrage du jeu
  • la boussole ne fonctionne plus correctement : perte de position autres joueurs, sondes, ...
  • le mappage des touches (zsqd) non conservées, seulement celles-ci
  • la touche "²" assignée au menu construction ne l'ouvre plus. Meme si je reassigne sur une autre touche du clavier : le menu construction ne s'ouvre plus. Meme comportement si je change de clavier (touches mecaniques) G.Skill
  • Reapparition des arbres et arbustes ramassées ou coupés a la tronçonneuse a travers les dalles de beton au rechargement  de la partie suivante
  • non affichage de l'energie produite et consommée sur les generateurs (charbon / petrole / ...) ou poteaux electriques.
  • parfois, des elements construit par un joueur (dalles, murs, machines, ...) deviennet invisible, mais sont presents car on ne peu pas les traverser, mais sont visible pour les autres joueurs. Quand un autres joueurs les detruit puis les reconstruit : les elements deviennent visibles par tous.
  • les sons de moteurs (engins ou batiments) restent audible meme si ils sont arretes ou demontés.
  • certaines zones de gaz ne sont pas affichées (fumée verte) : mort sans raison
  • des limaces sont visibles a distance mais disparraisent quand on est la ou elles devraient etre.
  • il faut remapapper les touches de raccourcis "1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/0" en "&/é/"/'/(/-/è/_/ç/à"   (clavier azerty - region france) pour que cela fonctionne.

Je pense avoir noté tout les soucis rencontrés, pour le moment :) , de cette super "early access" .



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Those are mostly the same bugs as I experienced with my friend in a multiplayer game after 100+ hrs of playing.... Now the savegame is completely broken because no one of us has the option to respawn, you just can't die... Very annoying. Hope this savegame can be fixed asap.

system specs:
> i7-4790 @3,6Ghz
> RTX 2070 8GB from Zotac (the Amp! Extreme version)
> 16GB of RAM
>Satisfactory installed on a fast SSD

Just look into my latest post.

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We also have:

- sometimes elements built by a player (tiles, walls, machines, ...) become invisible, but are present because we can not cross them, but are visible to other players. When another player destroys them and rebuilds them: the elements become visible to everyone.
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Just to add to those:

Only the host is able to open crash sites in multiplayer that require power, when the power is being supplied
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