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If you have died and do not respawn but save the game then reload, instead of being on the death screen you would have respawned. The problem with this is that your model will not seem to drop your items when you are on but your body which would usually be used to revive in multiplayer. Because of this, when you go back to your dead body, you will be able to revive yourself which would completely break the game. I believe both of you would still exist but it seems when i did it as soon as i revived my other self, it instantly died again with the inventory not being able to be retrieved.
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Um, maybe don't save dead?
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The same thing happened to me.

I was riding a manta and left my computer for a while, hoping I would still be riding the manta when I came back. I had of course fallen to my death and the game had autosaved. I did not respawn at first. I left the game (because my husband and I are playing multiplayer, and if I stay in the game, he is unable to enter, unless I exit to desktop and then go back in, which is a whole other issue) and reentered, assuming he would be able to revive me when he got in the game.

When I got back in the game I had respawned in the Hub, with no inventory. We walked (oh God, how I miss my jet pack!!) to my death location and found my body, no box. We were both able to revive the body, but my inventory (including 4 hard drives) was lost.

The scope of our troubleshooting attempts is limited to my husband killing my new self, and then trying to revive the "old" body. No luck.
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