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So right now I'm trying to make some kind of "attraction" (?) where you don't have to move (for example you start on a conveyor which then launch you on a bumper etc.) But something is weird with the speed of your character, when you take the conveyor with the exact same setup you are sometimes thrown at different distances.

My tests were done on a friend's server and he was going farther then me when we were doing the exact same thing and even myself wasn't reliable sometimes on the distance traveled (but sometimes I was).

So I tried different thing like emptying inventory, trying tolook at different spot when taking the conveyor. Sadly I had no other friend online to try, I suspect that the ping or maybe just the overall performance of the game on your computer might be the culprit but couldn't really try.

TL;DR: I want to know why our character isn't always landing at the same place when in theory you have the same speed.


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Did you take into account random gusts of wind...?
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I think its to do with the frame rate fluctuating so the physics acts differently, like sometimes i will get a lag spike whilst using the jet pack and i will suddenly fly really fast upwards for seemingly no reason.
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Currently, most player movement "things" are affected by your frame rate, if you have a higher frame rate you will go faster on belts for example, u-jelly is less effective at lower frame rates for another
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