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When building a greater-tier item like a concrete beam, it should show how many you could potentially make out of what lesser ingredients you have and selecting it should begin crafting its subcomponents if you haven't already got them. Saves digging around in your inventory and trying to count it up. (factorio does this)
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What, yelibam said.

Plus, if it just auto-crafted lesser ingridients for you automatically then the game would be too easy. Setting up your lines and manufacturing these things yourself is what this game is all about. Why would anyone need to set up a factory if you could just go grab some oil, iron, coal, copper and caterium, click supercomputer and the game automatically crafted the lesser ingridients on-by-one then made the computer?
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How do you want the game to decide whether it should use the normal design or the alternative one from the hard drives? Factorio only has one recipe for creating a certain item, Satisfactory at the moment has two, which may later on turn into more than that even, depending on the direction the devs go.
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Reinforced iron plates have 3 already that I know of. :)

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When you are crafting items by hand the list of items available to make does indicate how many of each item can currently be made with what you have in your inventory.
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