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It looks like you can drag/drop equipment onto the body silhouette and it finds the right slot, so it should be just as easy to click/doubleclick on it from the inventory to equip it.
closed with the note: Fixed in Early Access release.
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I use LMB to double click ; works in my inventory and in the storage box/containers.
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Yeah, double click is easiest for me. But hotkeys for equipment switching would be nicer.
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you can also double-click items to equip them. (nevermind me, I thought I was answering someone specifically)
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In my opinion it would be the best to add equipment swap with the use of mouse scroll. I have encountered a lot of monsters in the wilderness and believe me, opening eq everytime something attacks me is not a good solution.
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Shift+click........ ?

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Since Early Access, all of the following work to equip items in your inventory:

  • Double click
  • Shift + left click
  • Drag to Character portrait
  • Drag to hand slot

Marking this solved.

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Shift click is my winner usually, however could you make it more visually identifiable what slot an item is currently over, sometimes my cursor is over the correct place but it puts it somewhere else, especially when trying to trash items, if the bin's box could highlight or pulse when its over top of it it would be helpful and it seems to be implemented in some other places.
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Any way to create short-cuts, that lowers the amount moving stuff by holding left mouse button and moving mouse, would be awsome!" Thanks
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cant double check since my game keeps crashing at startup but im pretty sure you can Shift + Left click to do this
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Shift click only works if you transfer items from or to containers and such things. But actually equipping something (like changing the Xeno-Zapper with a chainsaw in your hand) seems to work only by drag and drop.
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The targeting of the item you want to put into your hand doesn't always take, have to be almost too precise to get something into your hand.  Especially when you are trying to arm your zapper while being attacked!
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Dragging to the body is at least easier than dragging to the hand slot
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It seems that this was added, as you can now shift-click items in and out of slots, and they also replace what's in them.
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Double click an item in your inventory and it will automatically go into your hand. If you already have an item in your hand it will swap it out with whatever you just double clicked. I do this all the time with my zapper and food. It would be awesome to have a smaller hotbar for food items though. It's easy enough to hit shift 1, 2, and 3 to eat or leave them programmable for us to pick our own hotkeys.
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Doubleclicking is indeed the way to do this currently, but I vote for a better way to equip gear. F1 and F2 and etc. keybinds of a secondary bar should be fine, but ultimately, it should be a keybind that users can change to what they wish.
I could also recommend only two keys, Q or E and [ or ], to go left and right on the available items in the hotbar. So I place a rebar gun, a taser and a food item on teh bar, and using [ I move to the next item on the left of the currently equiped.
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Sorry to say this, but [ ] are ALT + CTL + 8/9 keys on other keyboard layouts, so not practical.
I'd suggest Y and X (or Z X for the US)
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The beauty of PC games is that key mappings are re-bindable!
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Not all games have the option to rebind certain keys... the [] keys are sometimes locked, that's why the comment. ;)
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these games fail their PC pedigree...
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Shift + left click works to equip items from the inventory, i used it whole last evening
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Yeah, far as I can tell, they addressed this. You can either double click or shift+click. Works on food, tools, weapons
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Yup, double click works as well. Just noticed last night, awesome!
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This is possible by shift+lmb. Can we get questions and suggestions for things like this that are prior to current release reduced down to FAQ type things? Information like this would do well to be in a guide. This continuing to take the top spot so far into the open alpha seems silly.
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Left click to pick up onto cursor, Right click to auto-equip / insert into building / truck would be ideal for me.
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Just to call it out more prominently - You can drag/drop equipment onto the outline of the body instead of the small hand/body slot.

Not perfect, but better than hitting the small slot area.
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