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2 Quest suggestions:
Lost lizard doggo
have it follow you to its family
Kill nearby predators
Becomes permanantly tame
Give it a jetpack, armour and gasmask

See them in the distance at first, taking off
Find they left a sphere behind
Mercer sphere technology adaption into communications array
Plant markers at each place the communications coordinates tell you
(like high on mountains or deep in jungle)
Attract the aliens to cause some kind of enviromental erruption or event changing biome or landscape - unlocks new flowers and mushrooms and traversable areas (underground)
Send new alien stuff back up in the pod after scanning it for research
Find alien pod buried deep underground in cryostasis
Research cryotech (useful for all kinds of things on its own)
Figure out how to revive the alien
Bring it to life, go about the steps of piecing their space ship back together
get beamed up into their ship as a special event
get blasted through hyperspace
wind up on new planet
They appear to need help making it habitable again
engineer their biome through special plantation process involving seed research
Once complete they send you back with special alien suit tech that lets you breath underwater and swim/fight underwater.
Send their scanner readings and digital logs up in the pod
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wrong game. This would look like Fallout 4 with the Contraptions Workshop.
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