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I want to store both iron plates and iron bars in my storage container. Is this possible using belts?
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I have done this but now the container is outputting the wrong material. Any way to fix this or is it better to use separate containers per material?
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Output belts pull from the bottom-most slot in the container.

If you want to control your output (without manually re-arranging things, or pre-allocating a bunch of slots), you're better off with multiple storage containers.
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Yeah, that's what I'm doing now. Maybe they'll add it later.

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yes, after you unlock the merge/split tech. i think its after you fully upgrade hub too, not 100% sure
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ok, thank you
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I would say that even if you can do it later, it should be clearer to the user you cannot do this without belt mergers.

Specially since you can "join" two belts at a conveyor belt, but the 2nd one will just stop there. I thought it was a bug the first time.
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that IS a bug :-)
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