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we (a friend and me) have a problem, so we can´t find anny items in our storage system. in this case we would really like t have some kind of signs.:D

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this has been suggested multiple times before vote on those please instead of asking again and again: https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/1090/storage-containers-could-have-display-with-items-in-it
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Just add the smallest bit of conveyor belt that you can in front of the storage container. It will pop out one item, which should be just enough to tell you what is inside.
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mixed cargo containers doesn't work with that.
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The only reason to have mixed containers is if you are using them to quickly dump your inventory, implying that it's not connected to the belt network, or that it is connected to some kind of automatic sorting system using smart splitters. Otherwise, for any container that is actively being used as a buffer within your factory, there is is absolutely no reason at all to have any kind of mixing. It not sane, and create a whole lot of problems which you will, without question, have to go back and correct latter. Mixed belts and containers can, and more often then not, will bring your entire factory to a standstill. Just don't do it.
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Your missing a problem; not everything can be sorted yet.
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