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Would be nice to be able to click a button to increase/decrease the overclock by a couple percentage points, instead of trying to move the slider to the perfect location or typing in the amount.

Would also be nice to see what the desired change will result in, as far as input/output rate as we make changes.  That way we don't have to stand there watching the screen until the next item is assembled to see how the change will effect the input/output.B
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Would also be nice to be able to manually enter a value. Like if you need the machine to run at exactly 183% clock speed because any less and there's gap in production and any more and it's producing too fast and will eventually fill up and shut down, you can just type that in instead of fiddling with sliders or arrows.
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That's already a thing.  Just click the percentage and type in whatever rate you want.
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I was just about to request the exact same feature. I even made a graphic representation. https://i.ibb.co/McKxWH0/clock-speed-buttons.jpg

In addition to the above, I wanted to suggest that shift+clicking the arrow could increase the value by 10% instead of the default 1%.

Here is my reason for wanting this feature. When gaming, I like to keep one hand on the mouse at all times and one hand on the keyboard. (to reduce input lag caused from switching back and forth) I am currently typing in the exact value I need for my machine, but that requires my hand to leave the mouse to use the 10 key pad. The sliders are way to imprecise for single % changes. Having the buttons would allow for precise values to be obtained while leaving hands in the normal positions.
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