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There are currently 2 spare player corpses in my friend and I's game (he is host, I am client) it has thrice spawned me in as a new player and left my inventory on the old player, first time was after a client-side crash, second was after generic logout, third was after host crashed. But now there are two dead players in the game that can't be looted. They can be revived, but then killing them again doesn't give the option to loot. I've had to remake a full set of equipment after each of these and it's getting annoying, having to dump my inventory each time we stop playing "just in case" it doesn't load me as the same player it did last time.
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Not sure if this will work or not, and my friend can't be bothered, but if host limits the max players to 2 by changing/adding a line in the .ini file then it *should* kick the old bodies when client is invited again. There is a post on here somewhere that explains exactly where to put the max players line in the file, but couldn't say exactly where it is by now, it was for someone wanting more than 4, but should also work in reverse. Pity I can't get my mate to test it.
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I attempted to follow this guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/SatisfactoryGame/comments/b4fvzb/how_to_have_more_than_4_people_in_multiplayer_in/
Which didn't really mention anything about order mattering. I didn't get to try it with my buddy, but I turned it down to 1 player and started the game. There were still the 3 bodies with the "revive" status set. I don't think there is code in place to clean-up old bodies if the count is less than what it was. I'll try to have my buddy connect when the limit is set to 2, but I am a bit doubtful. It would seem the game is in a bad state with no code in place to clean up or correct it. There is a tiny chance he will be forced into dead body 1 due to some index limit, but we'll see...
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Well, even if they do end up in one of the other bodies that's one less body to deal with. And yea, it's early access, there's a lot of missing optimization.
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All we need is some kind of console command to "kick all" from the server / remove players or something to that extent.  I don't remember if the "ctrl +shift + l" activates the Console Mode then the "tilda key" to access it.  But that would be where a simple command could be ran.
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Same issue here with two exeptions: We both (me, host and my friend, client) can not revive the dead body, also there are two Lizard Doggos tamed to the dead clone. We left the dead clone in the wilderness. However, the Lizard Doggos seem to still have hope in revival of the clone. It's a tragic situation.

But still: It's an awesome game - thanks for all development work so far!
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