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All other consumable items (Filter, Color Cartridge, Spiked Rebar) added by the Equipment Workshop are also available at the craft bench and have a means of automated crafting. I was surprised to discover this was not the case for the Medical Inhaler consumable. Maybe this was an oversight since the Manufacturer hasn't always been in the game, but it'd be great if Medical Inhalers were consistent with the rest of the craftable consumables.
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Ah, sorry, with the lack of information in your comment I inferred context in the wrong direction.
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There are multiple existing examples of automatable consumable items made from manually collected items: Color Cartridges require Flower Petals and Filters require Leaves and Mycelia. Both Color Cartridges and Filters are autocraftable and manually craftable at both the Crafting Bench and Equipment Workshop.

It is true that there are not yet any items that you can autocraft and equip, but most equipment is not consumable (and thus does not need to be mass produced). I guess I'd argue that the Parachute is also a candidate for automation, but this is a dead end item once the Jet Pack is available. Unless the devs have planned healing that makes the Medical Inhaler obsolete, automating Medical Inhalers is a fun thing to do late game with all the excess healing items you collect (and a great destination for these items in a sorting system).
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Please able the Inhaler on manufacturer... Its the only item my automatic loot/trash processor can't do. :(
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UPDATE: As of Experimental v0.1.5, Beacons have a manufacturer recipe. Beacons are equipable, so any doubts about whether equipable/deployable items might some day be automatable should be settled.
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Perhaps, but I believe this is only going to be automatable because it's going to be used as an ingredient in explosives.
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