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after my factory has grown quite a bit in size the game has become barely playable, the most time i can play with no lag spikes is under a minute. i know optimzation is on its way, but i was wonder if it would be possible to priritize it a lil bit over other plans, there is not much point in adding content if you cant enjoy it.
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I know it's not a great solution, but for now you could lower some of your settings and it would then be taking less effort to render. I'm thinking of doing exactly this myself for when I'm playing my friends game as there are definite moments and specific places where my fps takes a dump. Though I'm pretty sure what you're experiencing isn't lag, it's an fps drop. These are two different things with different causes. Lag is delay in the sending/receiving of data from the server, usually resulting in what's called "rubber banding" where you walk a way and then are suddenly back where you were, an fps drop however causes stuttering and when it's bad, makes things look almost like a slide-show.
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I agree we absolutely need some optimization. In update videos and social media, they keep mentioning bug fixes and QOL updates, but no mention of optimization. I run on a i7-6700K with a RTX 2060, and I can get 60 frames if I turn the settings down to high or medium (if I have a big factory). But I also stream this game, and running OBS (plus other things like a chat bot) takes more of my CPU, which means I have to turn all of the settings down to low to stream Satisfactory. The game looks pretty terrible on the lowest settings and it's hard to promote this game to my followers when it doesn't look good. I can praise it all day long, but when my viewers see me running on the lowest settings with an i7 and a 2060, that doesn't make them want to play. What good are content updates if you can't play the game?

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yeah thats what i meant indeed, fps drop not lag. i will try lowering the settings hope iit helps.
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It's independent of graphics settings for me, I can run 4k ultra at the same 18 fps like 1080p after building hundreds of constructors and belts.

I seem to be cpubound as it's running at 50% on my i7 7700k so using all 4 physical cores.
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i'd like to point out that the optimisation in this game is actually pretty good already although just like with all games in early access, it needs a bit of work. Considering the graphics and comparing it to other games like Astroneer, it is really good. Bravo devs! BUT, i agree that in all games there should be options for lowering the quality quite a bit more than you can lower it now in this one.
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I'm sorry I didn't mean to say it wasn't expected for the amount of stuff I had running or the game to be badly optimized - you are correct, it's actually quite good already.
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yeah i am pretty happy with the game, and i rly hope they develop more games with the same quality, cant wait to have the finished version :D
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