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The tutorial seems very counterintuitive in terms of setting the players early game expectations for a factory sim.

I found myself feeling more constricted than liberated by the options available to me to setup automated factory processes. As a player, I wanted to get my machines running at 100% efficiency but without a splitter to split the ore from the miner into two smelters (I was operating off a normal ore patch, not impure), this was impossible. Combined with the fact that it is several times faster to handcraft the first milestones above automating lines, it feels like the game was teaching me that early game factories were inferior to the abilities of my player-person. The issues with power also fed into this, as even if I were able to get efficiency to 100%, I am restricted by not being able to build power plants early on.

I think this should be a great learning point for players to be provided biomass burners to build early on and learn how many machines they can power reliably before they reach their power peak.
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Yeah, I'd like splitters/mergers to be unlocked with conveyors and not require a separate research thingy.
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Interesting. I had the opposite experience.

I felt so very rewarded when I got more and better machines and their output began to outpace whet I could do by hand.

I enjoyed the tutorial and progression, so guess it's just one of those things everyone experiences differently.
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