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Make it so that there's a base builder/planner mode (unlock a drone or sth) where you fly around adding Holograms that help you build your base. In addition, there should be a page with the requirements of your base that you made in planner mode (the requirements should be separated from other pinned to-craft things so a page may not be required). Structures and Conveyors should prioritize being snapped in one of the player's holograms for convenience.

The Drone should be unlocked at tier 3 (Quickwire) and be made at the Equipment Workshop. I haven't thought of a recipe. The Drone can be balanced by limiting how far it can go from the player. As for the consumable, it could use coal...but since it's a builder thing and not an exploration thingy I do not thing it should consume anything, but if the player goes too far for a certain period of time the Drone should lose Signal and try return to the player. If the drone hits a wall too fast it should break or it could be revive-able (whatever). (when it breaks it should drop the items that were used to craft it but less...like 80% less because it's broken)

The moment you get your first Drone the game should inform the player of the shortcut and ADA should tell the player how Drones are used. (because ADA sounds cooler than STEVE sad )

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Cool idea imo but i think drones should consume something like bateries for example. And 80% of resources used to build is kinda in conflict with FICSIT ideology about not wasting anything.

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Sorry about that. I made both this and the second link that you mentioned  but it wasn't visible so I thought it was not uploaded or deleted. It was accidental. :P
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This has been asked several times before.

Please close this question and upvote and comment on an existing one.

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My bad, sorry about that.
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