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I've looked through some suggestions on here, could have missed it but...

I'm not asking that the Biomass Burners you get in the beginning are changed, instead i wonder weather the late game Fuel Generators are capable or could be made capable of burning Biomass along side the normal Fuel, made from oil?

(i do plan on trying this myself when i get back from work but the idea came to me and i needed to get it out xD)

In my factory i basicly have 1 MK2 storage container, i dump my invintory into when i come back from exploring/food hunting (cause im constantly taking fall damage xD) from there all the items are processed or sorted minus a few i haven't seen neccesary to set up splitters and storage for. In the early game Managing my Biofuel production in order to maintain power is actually a part i found enjoyable (forced me to go exploring more then i probably would have done) unfortunetlly as soon as coal becomes avalible it seems to become pointless, while the progression from one to the next makes sense, i feel that with the given apparent efficency of biofuel it would seem such a waste to leave it without any use as soon as you get somwhat deep into the game.

Allowing us to simply use Biofuel in the currently implimeted Fuel Generators, will allow us to intergrate the eariler chains of Biomass production we made in the early game, with the fuel production we set up in the late game. While continuing to give a good use for Biomass, it also allows the process to be automated (but not untill you reach the late point in the game where that balance unto automation is neccesary)

This could also add some cool logistical challenges for how you'd want to prioritise the use of Biofuel over Normal Fuel, if it is actually the most efficent fuel in the game (which i believe is stated in game), it may burn slower for the same power generated or produce more (depending on balance choice) giving you the incentive to prioritise the use of excess biofuel over normal Fuel.
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if you need to be forced to explore it might be that you just dont like exploring. I have a hard time building anything new because im exploring all the time now that my factory makes everything else on it's own.
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As biofuel needs manual input right from the beginning, it is unreasonable to expect this to be used later. The leaves are still used in making fabric and biomass is used for the landing pads from the jumpers, while biofuel can be used for the chainsaw. But due to the inefficiency of it's production it's unfeasable to expect it to have a lategame use beyond this.
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Maybe i just like building more? Doesn't mean i don't enjoy taking a break for abit of sight seeing.
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The fact theres no infinate source of Biomass does prove to be a problem if your were to set up large scale production, but simply for a way to utilise all the built up wood and leaves i have lying around is excatly what i was after.
To bad it can't be used in the jet packs tho :/

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I believe they already can burn biofuel, I didn't try this myself but it was posted on Reddit.
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Indeed they do aha
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