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It would be nice if the game had more intended parkour features. It could be a really good parkour game in addition to the amazing building and exploration sides.

I found myself jumping from buildings to buildings really often when playing because I assume I was enjoying it. At a certain point I was trying to pass across my factory as fast as possible so I learned the best parkour. I was really happy when I was making the perfect jumps over a big hole and running on the good conveyor belt to go faster.

The BladeRunner and the Jetpack add both movement possibilities and even more when used together: while jumping you can switch quickly between the bladerunner and the jetpack to keep the velocity of your run.

I'm pointing out this because I think that more interesting interactions like this could be very cool for parkours.

There is a lot of potentially good parkour elements in the game right now:

 - Conveyor belts to increase your speed

 - Trucks could be moving platforms

 - Thin platform like power poles and walls for tricky movements

 - The "alien terrestrial wales" that make you bounce when going over it

 - The ability to carry a friend when he is on your head

So I'm proposing some ideas to improve the parkour possibilities :

- The possibility to tilt and rotate the Jump pad more precisely

- Keep the velocity of the player when he use a jump pad (no reset to the velocity before applying the new one, just add a force to the existing velocity)

- Instead of just be placed near a vehicle when you leave it, you could be ejected upward and get the velocity of the vehicle. It could be really fun !

- Machines that move the player when he stand on certain parts. Like the oil pump when it release pressure on the top could propel the player when he stand on it.

- Add a sort of toboggan to slide down, it could be build the same way as the conveyor belts. The player would accelerate while going down and slow down while going up. Like a roller coaster. This idea is a little bit crazy and I know it would need a lot of work but moving through your factory like this could be really satisfactory.

 - There could be a parkour feature involving several players like a pushing or grabbing gun.

This new parkour side in the game could make sharing maps a lot more interesting. I think this feeling of a crazy playground could bring a lot of funny moments with your friends.

Sorry if my English wasn't perfect, it's not my mother tongue.

Thanks for reading

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Your english was great, but, sorry, imho, your suggestion is not. I mean, If I wanted parkour I'd play mirror's edge, or if I wanted it with zombies, dying light. This is a resource management game with slight exploration side-aspect. It's focus is on the factory and resources, less so the exploring.
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No he's actually on to something.  The game has an amazing and unexpected feeling of free movement to it.  It could definitely be added to.
I'd recommend the addition of mantling.  The ability to grab ledges and pull yourself up them.
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