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Presently container storage is always Last In First Out, which works fine for most applications since items are rarely mixed(?). Sometimes though we really need First In First out.

As an example, I'd like to have a single truck station accept multiple products for my factory. Today the output product will always been the most recently delivered item, LIFO. With FIFO this would work "perfectly" since all items delivered would eventually be processed.
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I want this too! But I don't think this is a simple ask. Implementing FIFO to iterate over all container items is more complicated than just extracting items from the first occupied inventory slot. After extracting all items in the first slot, any new items added to the container would be placed in the first incomplete identical stack or the first open empty inventory slot. You might be able to overcome blank spaces at the front of a container by shifting all container contents left after depleting a stack in FIFO mode, but automatically dropping newly added items into incomplete stacks makes FIFO incomplete; the first incomplete item stack is likely the one you're extracting items from.

The only way FIFO is possible is stack extraction into an output buffer (safe from insertion) + left shifting all existing inventory contents. Maybe buffered storage containers? Or modular storage containers with multiple configurable I/O sections? This gets deep into new feature territory.
P.S. This same suggestion came up on Reddit recently: https://www.reddit.com/r/SatisfactoryGame/comments/b9f4lq/firstinfirstout_fifo_vs_lastinfirstout_lifo/
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thanks @gopherthegold yeah man I think they could just slide the stuff up and to the left into to the empty slot... if more of that same thing comes in at the wrong moment and the first stack at 10 heading to zero goes back to 100, that's fine -- just so when it does empty, slot #2 (with the vital other thing we want access to) slides to #1 and starts emptying.

@Smiffe come on man, we're talking about getting stuff out of the station and to the first splitter, there's no uncertainty about what to do after that.
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Indeed this is necessary, I was using the containers as buffers and a smart splitter to remove a desired item from the container and the "ANY" output of this smart splitter back to the container again, removing a specific item of all my containers.

But since the container works as LIFO, the same item is running by the smart splitters and not everything...
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Yes, that a must. I tried to implement a loop sorter but it got knocked out by the whole LIFO operation. It should place new things in the end, but remove from the front. That would be really helpfull
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How about a Round-Robin style, then? Send one item per stack, cycling through the whole inventory.

This would achieve the same thing as spitting/merging but with the benefit of buffering.
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