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Hello there!

I already readed a few bug reports of multiplayer lags. I wanted to give you some more informations so hopefully you can figure out what it depends on.

I have a bandwith of 16k, my real bandwith is 12k down and 2,4k up. While playing multiplayer with one client and both using "ultra" network setting, the bandwith usage of my whole network is 25% of the upload and 33% of the download bandwith. So Satisfactory doesn't use the whole bandwith and seems limited.

The result for the client are:

- some lags when running/flying, but thats ok

- high delays when modifying inventory (3 upto 30 seconds)

- kicks

- high delays when modifying the world

- driving cars is not possible, client get kicks and hard delays

PS: We both have powerfull PC's and no laggs in SP.

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I have the exact same problem. I have to wait up to 1 minute for something to build, I always get teleported somewhere randomly. When we didn't habe a factory that big (now we're at about 40 playing hours) everything was fine, but now it's unplayable. We both have good PCs and an acceptable internet connection (mine is about 30mbit down and 10 up, his is a little bit slower) He is the host. I even tried it with another friend but I had the exact same problems (he is at about 50h)
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Same problem here ... It only happens with a big factory, but then from one second to the other it is unplayable.

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