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How come when you build anything the base is never flush with the ground so you sometimes have to jump to get onto it instead of just walking?   itd be nice if the collision was smaller for the base or the base was lower or something so i didnt have to jump if i want to get onto a building most of the time.  also another thing, if you have a platform (consturctor/ or any machinery) that goes over the edge of a cliff or something itd be nice to have a leg extend down, kinda like subnautica 

Subnautica building leg reference

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Yeah this probably isn't intended behavior, but most likely a known issue that's of low priority. But none the less, shouldn't be.

You could sort of solve this with a walkway ramp, but it's meh... you have to walk up the hand rail.
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ya that would bother my OCD haha neat idea though
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For the second part of your comment, you can see here http://44r0n.cc:8000/f/059b5c3806/ that it does extend a leg. If it's too far though, then it won't allow you to build it and instead says "Floor is too steep!". So almost like Subnautica, also a great game btw.
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ya ive noticed that sometimes, also with the "too steep" i thought that was the angle of the ground itself, kinda misleading but thanks for the tip
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