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I was doing some math on the state of coal delivery by trucks.

The truck's capacity is OP for belt speed. A mk 6 belt at 900 units/s takes over 5 minutes to unload a coal truck (4800 units of coal).

I think truck stations need multiple input and output belts.  Maybe something modular where you have to build the additional I/O as attachable buildings? (expandable buildings aren't a thing in Satisfactory, I know, but it'd be neat).

Anyways, because of the limitation of belt speed, shipping by truck (or later rail) may move more a large amount of goods from station to station, but every unit over your capacity ((belt speed) * (round trip time)) is inaccessible.

(The footprint of truck stations makes it hard to build several, and even if you could, then you'd need to run the same truck to multiple stations just to buy time for loading/unloading the truck depot itself.)
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The truck station can only match the I/O speed of the connected belts. The idea is to have dual inputs / outputs to have higher throughput.  There is now a precedent for this with both the 2nd tier storage and train freight depots.
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Okay, yeah, I get what your saying right, multiple outputs, means higher throughput, higher throughput means better factories, etc. But what I'm saying is that, the load and unload speed should change to match the speed of the conveyor(s) attached.

Like if you have a mk6 conveyor belt pulling out resources, then the unload speed should change to match that, 900 items/s. Or if you have a mk5 conveyor pushing in items, then its load speed should also change to match that, 780 items/s.

And if you have 2 outputs, each with, say, a mk6 conveyor, then the unload speed should change to 1800 items/s. Same thing for the input.

See what I'm saying?
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Yes, that's exactly how it works.  The truck facilities load/unload at belt speed.  

That might be misleading.  The physical movement from truck station to vehicle is instantaneous.  What I'm saying is that you can't load/unload the truck station at anything faster than single belt speed -- and this becomes quite the constraint.

With belt speeds as they are, it's always more effective to run multiple belts than trucks as the truck is rarely gone long enough for the station to refill to truck capacity. With multiple IO, the station can fill at a useful rate.

Another key point here is that we don't care how long it takes a single unit to transit from point A to Point b.  Once the belt is running, you have instant, constant supply of resources.  A vehicle can shorten transport time, but it can't exceed [2-] belt throughput on the belt exiting the receiving station.  

Trains with their 2 inputs still suffer from this problem, but the ability to have N cars quickly cancels it out as this gives you a throughput equal to 2*N belts.  I think that this rate is competitive with running belts, but I haven't done the math on the "break even" point.
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Ohhh, alright, I said that because it says on the truck station information, that it can load and unload items at 120 items/s. But if that isn’t the case, then you’re right, multiple input/outputs is the only thing missing from them.

Also I’m not worrying about the trains too much, that’s where I slow down and wait for it to be released.
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Oh! I see! Good point.  That's not working at the moment.  Trucks are already underpowered compared to belts, having to wait a really long time for loading would make them quite useless.
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