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I would really like a Hard mode where u cant use the Manual crafting bench at all. It would be hard at start (u need to collect some starting resources from drop pods) but i like the idea to only do things automaticly.

We tried it and for now its really hard because finding iron Plates and rods is rather Impossible. If such mode would be implemented we would need some rods and plates at the crash sites. (not much just like 6 or 7 Plates/Rods)
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I would pay this. But I would suggest allowing the player to hand craft up to the point where they can start automation. To smelters, constructors, and miners. As well as the materials to construct them.

I have read other comments about hand crafting and their thoughts are that they lack motivation to automate. And I can understand that in a way. But I really love automation too much to complete the game without it, and that would be boring.
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I think that you are describing slow mode rather than hard.

In the beginning stages I tend to hand craft because it speeds things up. Without it I'd be sitting there waiting for the machines to slowly produce.
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True, but it forces u for example to build the setup for the Reinforced Plates early. It is easy to handcraft them early, even 75 pieces. Not so easy to set up the production.

Ofc it takes longer, but i caught myselft to handcraft them to get to my tiers. When we did the hard "slow" moder we had much more fun (Ofc it took longer, but we had fun and time to do other stuff while the production produced (Slug searching just as one example)

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what is the hard part of you getting the stuff already crafted from crash sites? a hard mode could instead be limited resources and more and harder mobs everywhere
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DID u EVER try to play without manual crafting ? If not dont tell me whats hard and what not. Np i will make a mod if needed. This was a suggestion, noone asks u to like it
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so if i ask what is the hard part of that you suddenly get all offended? oh and just so you know i barely used any manual crafting, the whole point of the game is automatization isnt it? still that was just a opinion and a legit question no need to get all offended about it (2019 the year of the oversensitiveness...geez)
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calm down children.
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Rather than no manual crafting, you can just cripple the ability to manual craft so that the production speed is slow compared to automatic. Realistically it would take a lot longer to craft something by hand than for a machine to create it.
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