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I enjoy building my factories with the least amount of environmental impact -- call it a meta-game if you will.  I find when using the chainsaw, it has a fairly large, 360 degree cutting arc that will very often annihilate a clump of trees when I really would prefer to be more precise.

Some suggestions:

1) Change chainsaw cutting to an 180 arc in front of the player rather than 360 degrees around the player.
2) or perhaps allow precision cutting with the Xeno-Basher
3) or provide a more precise Pruning Tool
4) or allow us to replant trees / bushes

Great game guys!  Can't wait to see what you have in store for us.
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Great suggestion. I had similar problem yesterday. Wanted to remove one tree and keep the rest next to it... Wasnt possible.
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I personally like the fact that its overpowered heh. But yeah its not very realistic. Also im not sure but it seems like sometimes it dont actually give you all the resources.for what you cut.

However I still would like a good fast clearing tool. After coal, that's primarily what I use it for.
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I like the wide cutting area in most cases, but really it would be nice to have something like right-click to change between wide and narrow (perhaps single item) mode.

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Simpelst would be to just toggle cutting 360° or only what is highlightet.

I realy like the enviorment and want to cut down as less as possible.

But there is a trick: If your inventory is full it only cutts what is highlightet
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the idea is very bad, the best way to harvest mycelias is with the chainsaw precisely because that 360 degrees arc, also you may not know it but those trees respawn back after X time (ingame time?) instead i would suggest implementing the hability to grow plants/trees + some decorations so you can go make your factoy look greener if you would like without affecting other player's gameplay. :)
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I agree with this.  I too would like to be more selective about what is cut down.  There is such an abundance of trees and plants for biofuel that I don't want to remove everything.  I like to leave some of the trees while removing all the bushes which may hide other resources like berries or even a cave entrance!

I would like to suggest that whatever you actually cut only bushes are removed in addition to that.  No trees are removed unless you specifically target them.
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