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Fog obscures a purple cave

This is inside the cave in the northwest, standing on a miner on top of a pure quartz node. At at a different time of day, the cave looks like this:

A cave with long sight-lines

When visibility drops this low, it's not reasonable to run around in the cave. You mostly just have to stay put. This probably isn't intended.

Additionally, it's unclear why the fog colour varies so much by time of day down here. We're pretty far from any entrances to the cave, so there shouldn't be much variance with the daylight cycle. (It should also probably be kinda dark, but then we'd need lights. Please, can we have lights? :D )

Fun fact: There are at least 3 adorable kittens amongst those stalagmites.

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+1 I couldn't see my hand in front of my face! not fun
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It also happens outside the cave's area.  I've been building a large steel ingot smelting factory in that region and this happens once  a day like clockwork:

I've basically just learned to take a break from the computer when it rolls around; impossible to do anything in it.

edit: to be clear, that picture is OUTDOORS !
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