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ADA would tell us that a FICSIT employee recycles everything!

From a practical standpoint, I find myself spotting crash sites in the world while I'm out and about. I make my way over to it only to discover I've already done this one. A simple fix that would be in line with the FICSIT way is to allow the player to dismantle the wreckage after they've pulled the hard drive.

It could simply drop a bit more of the same stuff you see scattered around them, or you could use it as a mechanic to gate something special for the player.
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Would be nice to have some short range beacons to mark locations.
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I mark them with a beacon "Pod opened"
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I've left a beacon at each drop pod i find and label it the next number up and what requirements it needs to be opened. then when i've gotten the stuff and have opened the pod i relabel it as just the drop pod number (pod 42 for eg). Then i just use the pod beacons as waypoints for navigation, well, before we had the map, although they do still help with the map.
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With your mantra to be efficient/stay efficient.  Leaving the opened drop pods behind is very inefficient.  Dismantling would be the best, you could have the dismantled pod icon be the same as the hub when dismantled But make it Yellow with a red X or / through it.  The player can then either leave in a more accessible location or take it back to a storage point.

Rewards for finding could be part of the hard drive costs or an offset to the cost, say 25% to 50%.  Another reward could be that 10 pods unlocks the leg so you can always wear the Blade Runners, further 10 pods could give the player a pocket that can increase but only holds tool items, so this one has a maximum.
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Disabling the object scanner once the hard drive is removed would be really helpful - akin to how a slug no longer triggers the scanner once harvested.

For visual recognition when in line of sight, a flashing beacon atop the crash could turn off once the hard drive has been removed.

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ADA would also tell us that a FICSIT employee is resourceful. Marking crash sites with a few tall foundations with a red top might save you some time. Stay efficient!
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Well, marking them is not an issue at all, guess it would be cool to have the possibility to actually remove/dismantle them, getting rid of the incumbrance and wrecks around the map (even if it takes expensive endgame items to do so).
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I don't even want anything back from the pods.  Just remove the old ones.  Mabey a mod developer can address this little problem? Because we don't want to waist concrete or beacons right?
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