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My partner is hosting the game, and I am joining it. We both have fairly high-end computers, connected directly by Ethernet, and neither of us appears to be RAM/CPU/GPU-constrained.

Any time I:

  • remove something from a container
  • put something into a container
  • craft something
  • hit the sort button in my inventory
  • hit the Q button to bring up the construction menu

I have to wait anywhere from one to five minutes before I see the result of my actions. The host can see the changes immediately on his computer - for example, when I put something into a container it appears immediately for him, but doesn't disappear from my inventory for me for several minutes.

This problem started as only a few-seconds delay shortly after we passed the 24 hours played mark, and has escalated very quickly since then to several minutes. Not being able to construct anything or move things into/out of my inventory obviously makes the game unplayable :(

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have you gone into game settings and set the "network" option to ultra on both machines?

This has helped me and two friends play with little issue, over the internet, on different parts of the US.
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Same issue here, already tried it, didn't really fixed it.
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Well, I have a shit computer, my cousin has a shit computer, we play with default settings and have no issues. This must be an issue with the compatibility of your computers and the game.
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I wonder the potential for duping with this "host sees the item immediately, but I do not for another minute"

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@Dijasom thank you for the suggestion – setting the network option to Ultra fixed my problem!

That said, the devs should definitely investigate why the game is literally unplayable on Medium. And I would love to see some more detailed help text in the menus.
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I am very glad that helped you, the Dev's have done a pretty good job, setting up the game for high and low performance machines/internet.
 I'm sure, later in development, more will be possible, but Ultra for now, is a pretty amazing change, for now.
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