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I enjoy the game Alot, its beautiful, and has loads to automate, but it would be nice, if there was something to defend against, you already have the creatures, and attacks animated, so it would be nice at some stage, due to your outputs or something, that something, started coming to attack, and you had to survive.

This would be step that could add replayability, once you have crafted everything, and seen the breadth and scope of the game mechanics.
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Exactly, as the game stands now, there is no "Big Bad" to deal with, nor the small "nagging" situations, that keep the game at a more reasonable pace early to mid game, while becoming less of an issue late game, while the "big bad" would still pose a fun challenge even into late game.

I love the game as is, but it could be so so so amazing, with a "Defence" mode or something, i have an inkling they are already planning "something" down the lines, as i found Sulfer, which had a tooltip for gunpowder, and as it stands, would be more or less useless, as i run around with 3 bars of health, and have yet to deal with anything the stun sword upgrade can't handle. (im an average skill gamer, so this says a lot, about the difficulty rating)

Great game, but it could be so much more :3
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We also need to think that this game is still in early access. Coffee Stain has a lot of time to shape this into a whole other game.

They've layed the ground work and its only a matter of time until they build upon it.
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Exactly, though i hope they take that "Foundation" and add enough to it, for more than just those who like minecraft creative mode.

Best part of a game, is challenge, not time. Games where time is the only factor to beating them, are just a waste of time, literally.

(Been playing early access games, since Early access games have been a thing, comments and criticism is still needed, for them to shine. )
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Pretty sure I read elsewhere on here somewhere that they are not implementing a siege mode or anything like that, as this is not going to be a combat orientated game. And this is a dupe of a few other threads out there asking for some form of aggro mode
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That would be a sad thought, as when you have a good foundation, it is best to build something on it.

Kind silly to build a perfect slab of concrete for a shed, when you need a shed, and just leave it there, empty.

More people are interested in the shed, than in the slab of concrete, so its a bad business move, so i hope they change their minds they would get more sales, and more future brand loyalty, if they opt to build a proper game.
Rather than a waste of time.

This is by no means, a Dupe, as it is specifically asking for "purpose" not "defense" or "attack modes" as a primary, themselves.

also, it doesn't matter what someone says, it matters only if you can convince them otherwise.
Sorry to say, you cannot convince me, and every other person like me, this game as it stands, is a waste of time, while adding some actual purpose to it, would give it meaning.

If they want to eventually have a name for themselves, building a niche game, just to say they made a niche game, Then that's where they will stay.

Though, based on  the fact that some of their games, are entertaining... and have purpose, i can tell, that's not the case.

They seemingly try to make games, that are inclusive, and entertaining.
So asking for a proper purpose, has no harm in it.


After Extensive searching over the last few days, i have found that their will be attacks made against you while you build.
confirmed by the Dev's themselves.

This is atleast a hopeful step, as it makes the game more varied, "how can i do better next time" vs now... "should i just make everything manually, or should i make a complex network to make it more lazily..." or "should i just stop playing this game, as it has no entertaining activities, unless you enjoy placing blocks arbitrarily in creative minecraft..."

Thank you coffee stain, nagging mechanics, are needed, for the vast majority of players, to feel accomplished, we don't enjoy being babied, with "peaceful interactions".
Im Glad, you understand how to bring in multiple types of people, rather than making a niche game, for a small tiny niche, of the player base of that specific genre. lmao.
Can't wait for the mayhem!

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But then please make a option for this in the settings.
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Always make an option, no one should be forced to play a mode they don't like.

would be pretty terrible, if An FPS game came out, and every mode, was just capture the flag.
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