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TLDR: Belts need to be adjusted to have a linear speed increase, with more generations. This will let people set up efficient belt loops without having one belt back up because the belts ahead are running too slowly, or having those same belts largely empty because they're too fast and seeming like they're a waste of materials to build.

I can't be the only one annoyed by the fact that the speeds seem pretty arbitrary. 60 items per minute on Mk1, 120 on Mk2, 270 for Mk3 and 450 for Mk4. It makes it impossible to set up nice belt flows, either some belts back up because they're too slow or they have giant gaps between items because they're too fast.

The jump from Mk1 to Mk2 seems to suggest one of two possibilities, either that each new generation of belt will be double the speed, meaning two Mk1 belts can feed into a Mk2 belt or a single Mk2 belt can split off into two Mk1 belts perfectly, or each generation is like having one more Mk 1 belt running, so three Mk1 belts could merge into a single Mk3 belt perfectly, but then Mk3 comes along and screws that. It's more than double the speed of the Mk2. 4.5 times the speed of a Mk1 belt which means the generations aren't doubling the capacity of the last nor are they increasing by a flat 60 with each generation, either. And then Mk4 comes along and it's not even double the speed of a Mk3 belt. What the hell is going on with these belt speeds? There needs to be some sort of linear progression so we can establish good conveyor flow.

Since splitters and mergers have 1 to 3 or 3 to 1 setup, the most ideal thing to do would be to make it so each new generation of belt is exactly 3 times the speed of the generation before it, even if you need to slow down the belts to keep them from being out of control.

Example (with Mk1 slowed down because the numbers will get really crazy), Mk 1, 30 items per minute. Mk 2, 90 items per minute. Mk 3, 270 items per minute. Mk 4, 810 items per minute. Mk 5, 2430 items per minute. (that's insanely fast though, might melt people's computers?)

Alternatively, you can go with a double speed every generation setup and keep the current Mk 1 and 2 belt speeds. Mk 1 is 60 items per minute, Mk 2 is 120. Mk 3 would be 240, Mk 4 would be 480, and Mk 5 would be 960. The issue with doing double speed is while the numbers look much better, with splitters and mergers designed for 1 to 3 or 3 to 1 splitting and merging, if you actually use all the inputs and outputs it'll mess up belt efficiency.

And then there's what is probably the simplest solution, add more generations of belt and each new generation of belt is just a flat increase of whatever speed Mk 1 belts run at. At their current 60 ipm, they'd go Mk1 60, Mk2 120, Mk3 180, Mk4 240, Mk5 300, Mk6 360, Mk7 420, Mk8 480, Mk9 540, Mk10 600, Mk11 660, Mk12 720, Mk13 780, Mk14 840, Mk15 900 and stop there. With this linear increase people could still set up perfectly efficient belt systems. A single Mk15 belt could be perfectly split into three Mk5 belts. Three Mk4 belts could be perfectly merged together into a single Mk12 belt.

The build costs per section of belt could go something like this. Mk1 = 1 iron plate. Mk 2 = 2 iron plate. Mk 3 = 3 iron plate. Mk 4 = 1 reinforced iron plate (though I feel like these are too costly to make considering their tech level and how much they're needed and should be adjusted. I've made posts about this). Mk 5 = 2 rip. Mk 6 = 3 rip. Mk 7 = 1 steel beam. Mk 8 = 2 steel beam. Mk 9 = 3 steel beam. Mk 10 = 1 encased industrial beam. Mk 11 = 2 eib. Mk 12 = 3 eib. etc etc etc for Mk 13, 14, and 15 with whatever the next tier of belt requires.
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Just upgrade your belts if they are backing things up. Idk what else to say.
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I do get what you are saying. I like the modify idea of the ones we got maybe. But not to add all up to MK-15. God please no, lol. I am not one to want this but can def see how someone like your self would. I know, I am "OCD" that's why I like these kind of games. But unlike you I just use the fastest belt and really don't worry about it. I did give it a UP VOTE just to let you know.

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I’m not sure that it is wise to concentrate solely on the belt speeds.  The belts serve the machines, and the machines have a huge variety of different speed requirements, especially if you consider overclocking and under clocking.  As long is the belt is fast enough to cope with the output or input required by the machines, I think that is enough.   Just my opinion.
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Just use Mk5 belts everywhere, nothing wrong with products backing up as long as you keep the machine it's going to filled up.
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