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Title. if you die far from the spawn area (we were looking for the desert) or fall off the map down a hidden hole, then you can't get another frame to build a new Hub.

Requires restarting which is annoying since we already collected a bunch of iron, leaves, copper etc...
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I am also having this issue.  Inevitably, I run into ET life while running to my first mining node.  The weapon they give you, doesn't seem super effective as the timing has to be just right.  So, enter the death and re-spawn.  Doing so empties your inventory, so now you cannot get any ore, because you are defenseless against any ET life (seriously, you can't even punch it?) and cannot build the HUB.  I get the beginning is supposed to be challenging but wow.  Is this intentional?

EDIT:  I was within 200m of the starting point, just going to try and find my first ore.  Seems super difficult, and also odd that your inventory would be emptied putting you defenseless and unable to advance.
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I agree about this soft locking your game. I had to start a new game after having this issue.
I'm fine with the starting weapon however, I think it makes sense not to have too powerful of a weapon to start.

My suggestion would be that the HUB Part and weapon transfer from your old corpse to the new body, until you set up your first HUB base.  After placing your first HUB base, this becomes disabled.
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My first play through was this problem exactly! I explored for a while, gathered an inventory full of supplies and was looking for the perfect spot to set up my factory, when I stumbled into a gas cloud while being attacked by wildlife and died. After respawning, I had only 3 health so as soon as I ran in the gas to get my gear and base crate, I died again. Even after filling health to full I couldn't successfully get into the gas, get my gear and get out in time.

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I agree that this is a problem, but I don't agree that this is a bug. Place your HUB first, then go exploring. You can always pick the HUB back up when you've found a better place to settle.
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I agree with MysticForces. The simplest solution is to just place the HUB basically right where you spawn to start with, then go find your perfect spot. That way, if you die seventeen times clearing out that "perfect spot" then you can spawn at your HUB, and relocate it once you've finally smacked all those pesky xeno's into the dirt.
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