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I would like to see the chainsaw being able to deal Damage to creatures, not just Trees
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Or at leas provide some indication that it isn't going to do anything against creatures.
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I think Ficsit should take your chainsaw privileges away if you kill a Lizard Doggo with it.

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it wanted to post the same thing - shocker could kill animals but not the chainsaw - i should try that in rl.....not
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I actually expected this to work- spoiled Doom player, me - and died trying.
BUT: it would probably sort of ruin the targeted difficulty level for defeating the animals. The zapper and later the ... uhhh .... something-something gun hardly hurt the anmials and I suppose that is intentional.
Personally I don't like the way you have to deal with hostile fauna anyway, but that's probably just me. I find it too hard given that it's not the primary or even really a secondary focus in the game.
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rebar gun is good for scaring off the hogs
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Maybe an upgrade, or a way to kill things faster, would be great if the creatures killed with chainsaw does not leave loot
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tier 4 have a better weapon.
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Three words: Swiss Army Chainsaw

I agree 110% make it deal damage.

But! While we're at it (hear me out)... Let's tape that scanner on it add the paint gun AND even the rebar shooter. More inventory space for us and less times needed to open inventory and switch. Utilize the mouse wheel to switch the right click with Saw out. Either to shoot paint, scan toggle, and fire the rebar from under the blade (like where a grenade launcher would be).

Heck... Make it the device to zip-line up and down the power lines!? =) okay maybe that's too far... vote if you like it and maybe the devs will see it.

This game is amazing and I can't wait for release! Thank you all that's worked on it.
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