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I noticed the input/outputs of the varieties of machines, and the various splitter connections, you have arrows and stripes. If we could use these for something really awesome it would be this.

I noticed the smelter output green, but what about going a bit more indepth.

I would like to see these ports light up as when you just place down any machine. Green, Yellow, Red.

The Red would obviously have no connected conveyors to it, whereas a yellow is connected by a conveyor but the conveyor is not currently attached to any input/outoput. The green here being the machine is connected with the conveyor with another machine or splitter/merger.

A small quality of life that would improve complex basebuilding tremedusly if you have tight spaces between smelters and mergers for example, or if you just got lost in your spagetti of conveyors and need to see what fails.

I could also see this being an indication of the conveyor belts sideways small lights changing colour in the same fashion.

What do you guys think?
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