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In addition to all of the path options we currently have (Straight, corner, ramp, intersection, etc), there should be a new type that is a ladder.

It would connect to any current path or foundation and allow you to climb up or down to reach higher pathways.

Would make building catwalks to high locations easier without having to make 'spiral staircases.' It would be an efficient low tech alternative to a jump pad.
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And also make getting on the top of a ladder easier. The watch tower thing is a nightmare for this.. I only go to the top of it if I intend to jump off.
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I just use stackable conveyor poles.
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How about calling it the "Vertical Transport Path" ... Slowly getting more and more Hi'Tech and quicker ... Quickest would be a compact quarter of a Foundation Transport tube ... That can be built to cut through foundations.
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I don't like using conveyor poles because they don't snap to paths.

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a player "lift" would be better but a ladder can work too
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Right, but a lift requires power. Paths can be used to reach places when you have no power.

Plus, why bother with a lift when we already have jump pads?
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A ladder only model wouldn't be very different from the stackable poles and thus be kind of redundant, in my opinion.
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The snap points would be better fitting also this would include holes in floors foundations... etc.
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You can't attach stackable poles to paths, which is my entire intention for their usage.
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