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A device that can be placed in the middle of a conveyor belt (like splitters or mergers) to measure the amount of material it carries in items per minute. Efficiency first.
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This would be very nice to have, especially when you're mixing belts.

Perhaps it can even have one of those red/green/yellow lights on top like other machines. The user could optionally set how many items/per minute they expect to pass through and if it doesnt meet that user-set quota the light turns yellow to inform the player there's in issue going on somewhere down the line.

This could really help if your factory is really far away and you cant already just look at those machines lights.


I could totally see this helping users see how well truck/train transports are doing keeping up with demand. Just place down your item counter over top the output conveyer and see the stats of it.
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Rather than a new device, i would like it to be a standard functionality of splitters and mergers. Check them with (E) to see how many items are passing by them.
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I'd rather have a carryable tool like the object scanner that could tell me the throughput of a belt segment I'm pointing it to. That'd be neat
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The lights on the conveyor itself could be very usefull, to indicate the efficiency.


White for closed to max, or max efficiency 90 - 100 %

Green blinking 70 - 89% efficiency

Orange blinking 50 - 69% efficiency

Red blinking 0 - 49 % efficiency

something like that.
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Factorio has logistic wires and other things similar that good idea

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As a software developer, I can ask for something doable, "easy" to implement and useful for players/users.

I guess an mk2 container sort of thing (with a computer added to the recipe) can manage to store the last 10min second-to-second input minus output graph similar to the energy consumption graph.

Note adding such thing to each conveyor is overkill and can quickly become unmanageable from the data footprint viewpoint.
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And at that post you linked this one, you created a circular reference, LOL
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I haven't checked, but the building that produces the good does tell you the output/pm. I am not sure if it changes based on it's efficiency but if it did, would that not suffice?
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The output per minute displayed in the HUD for say assemblers or constructors is a fixed number and doesnt account for any pauses caused by the machine being starved of items.
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Ah, ok. Thanks.
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