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I have a suggestion (lol),

Can you add sign to the game please ?

Like you can put them on a container to write what is in the container ? That can help a lot on warehouse.

Thank you !

(Your game is amazing <3)

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I ended up just putting 1 item of whatever it is just outside the container. xD
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Unless you stack the container, then it's not that easy anymore :D
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200 IQ solution x)
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All my containers are side-by-side so I'm going to keep that style, but when it comes time to build a second level of containers, I'm going to build a 2nd floor and not just stack it. It takes up more space, but it also gives me greater control of my layouts.

I normally multi-level my foundations, as in 3 stacked [8x2] blocks. I do this for "under-floor" conveyancing ( the middle block is removed ) which allows me to get around without having to jump all over belts and such.

I has a plan! *King Julian accent*
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Crap! Came in here feeling like a genius about to ask the sign thing, ended up feeling dumb because I shoved them in a Personal Storage Box for my quick fix. *facepalm*
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