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I have yet to encounter an instance in game where clicking on "take all" has not been followed by clicking to close the window.  Taking everything from any container should auto-close the selection window.
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so i have to take all then click to put other stuff in it?

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NO, why would it?
What if it you wish to put some of it back to have for example 2 empty slots left?
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What are you putting back into an auto-miner, storage container or truck?  The only time I can see an advantage is on the personal storage box, but after the first few hours how often are you even accessing those?
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I use personal storage boxes constantly. I have them placed literally everywhere.
I agree with what they are saying above.

I don't know if you know, but pressing E or Spacebar can often times close a window. I have never encountered a menu in this game that I had to actually close by clicking the close button.
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There are many instances I don't want to close the whole window when I press take all. Therefore gets a nope from me.
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