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When you have a spiral Stair Left or Stair Right, it'd be great if you could place either a vertical Jump Pad or a smaller U-Jelly in the centre of the spiral, for either a quick launch up or a quick return down from high up floors.

Unfortunately currently the footprint is too large and our old friend Clarence objects to the idea.
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Put the jump pad down first, and then build the staircase around it? The staircase will be wider, but achieve the same result.

After giving OPS suggestion a try, I can see the frustration. The staircase clips to it's own relative pieces; trying to get around that could be quite ugly.

This is my work-around: https://i.imgur.com/gzg1eZx.png
Not ideal, and takes up a lot of space - but achieves the same end.
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One unfortunate thing about the walkways is that you can't build a foundation floor from a walkway hanging in the air, so it doesn't work to start building a new floor.  Though you can work around that by building some walls first.
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I tend to do what I'm trying to do first. So, if I need a second floor, I'll actually build the floor first and then try to put down the staircase.

In my first play-through, what I did was build a staircase that led to the second floor, and put a jumping pad beside it for when I was too damn lazy to go up several flights. :P

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I though that the jump pad was designed to fit within the spiral staircase - though I haven't tried myself.  Are you sure you are assembling the stairs correctly?
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It looks like it *should* fit -- that was my point -- but it doesn't.
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You're right, it doesn't fit!  I'm sure I heard somewhere that it was designed to fit. Oh well.
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