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Having Leaves set for Left and Right; Leaves only go Left

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I also find this bug annoying. I have an input that has multiple types of items and then a chain of smart splitters that are connected to two containers each. I need each splitter to send the same type of item left and right. I hope this bug will be fixed in the next update.
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@ExileFox That doesn't appear to exist? Just takes you to the login page.
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@ Yunru

It's a valid link, but in a separate system (I had to register for this system, because the older didn't transfer). See the following thread:
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I was under the assumption that if I have:
left: Item-A,
middle: any
 that if left was backed up, Item-A would still go to the middle since it allows for anything.
Please fix this as it will make the smart splitter *actually* smart.
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Very similar to what I asked for I really want to set left leaves:3 right leaves:2 and center Leaves:0 so that if I put in 100 it would go 3 to 2 left/right and if they both fill up go down middle for the 0 value or EVEN just use the * any as overflow option.

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I used coal for truck station. In case something different then coal would be delivered smart splitter wouldn't accept it.

But it doesn't work. It only spits out coal on one side
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