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Hi, so i was thinking and i have a huge improvement to the game which is going to take a lot of time, so the first suggestion would be adding some kind of weapons ( turrets, traps, guns ) as i noticed there is sulfur and also adding actual multiplayer.. Yes this will take a lot of time to make server browser and make some official servers which would wipe every 15-30 days and people would build their own defenses, bases, oil rigs or their own mines which is going to force other players to raid those bases or mines to get resources.. Yes this could get very frustrating but for me as player of "Rust" and other people which i talked about this and they actually loved it and made me write this.. Also there could be just PvE servers in which there would be more mines, etc. but for me personally it would take the game to the next stage if you just can imagine it.. having your own base with turrets around it and trying to protect the base from other players trying to get your loot OR your mines, oil rigs etc.
So that's about it. I know this is hard to answer but honestly i am loving this game and i am seeing so much potential in this game.. So much there can be done and so much there can be. So have a nice day, hope i didnt waste your time.
Regards, Phoelee.
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The thing is this is not a game like Rust, much more like a 3D Factorio.
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I do not think this game is meant to be a Rust Type Game. I wouldn't mind some sort of wave defense with Ai combatants however they are making a factory builder not a pvp battle arena with factories.
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I love that Statisfactory has NO pvp not like other survival mining games minecraft and they havent got any dedicated servers right now and they havent planed right now because of having another problem with griefers and u would be very angry if somebody just steals or press f and destroy everything.
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Dont get me wrong. Pvp is technically in the game. Servers wouldn't be bad either. As long as they can be set private. Because what they use now is peer to peer and thats awful when im playing with my friends on the opposite coast the connection is trash.

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The game Developer dont plan to take pvp in and for pvp you need a dedicated server (what they DEFENITLY dont plan too)
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This is simply wrong. They do Plan dedicated Servers. And who said they wont add PVP ?  They probably wont, but be careful with answers like that

Dedicated Servers are on Roadmap
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First i meant that they dont plan to make a dedicated server for only pvp and thanks for the dislike if you dont even understand my english
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The down votes are because the information you provided is unclear or wrong.

There has been no official word from CS regarding the inclusion or exclusion of PvP; and you don't need a dedicated server for PvP (Elite: Dangerous being one example).
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and the report is for that you have NO EVIDENCE that dedicated servers are ONLY pvp and have you????????????? reported
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You have misunderstood my post. If you want to understand it, ask and I'll try to clear it up for you.

Please don't abuse the report system. It's not there for you to report people you don't agree with.
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