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I'm struggling to understand efficiency (conversion ore > item). Some things are at 100%, others at 1%, others still at 50%.

Is there a resource I can use (guide/video) to understand this better?

Thanks :)
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With efficiency you have to take in count a few things. How much is flowing in vs required. How fast the belts are moving to keep up with demand and production rate.

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The short answer is that efficiency is the measure of how long the machine is actually crafting vs. doing nothing at all.

There can be several reasons for doing nothing -- the most common being a lack of sufficient input items, but another cause is having too many output items (when the output is full, the machine doesn't run).

If your efficiency is low due to insufficient input items, then you need to build more machines to produce more items, increase the clock on upstream machines, or increase the conveyor speed (or decrease the distance) so that the existing items arrive faster.

If your efficiency is low due to too many output items, then you either need to reduce the clock on the machine or add splitters to the input resources to send them elsewhere.  Or look further downstream to find out why the output of this machine is backstuffing -- maybe there's something else to speed up down there, or you need to increase the output belt speed.

But low efficiency is not in itself a bad thing -- even a perfect factory would eventually become almost 0% efficient once all the storage fills up -- and that's fine.

It's fun to try to optimise your efficiency, but don't worry about it too much, especially early game before you have access to faster belts.
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This was really helpful, thank you.

I redesigned my conveyancing  yesterday as I was bringing in more iron ore and I noticed that splitting the belts really helped with efficiency.

My next goal is to replace all belts with Mk2's and see how that goes.
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I couldn't get my rotor factory "perfect" until I had Mk3 conveyors.  It takes a lot of screws -- and even when you're making them fast enough, you still need to get them there.
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I noticed that earlier on as well, so my first process now is to build up a stock pile, from which I can funnel it out into a new "project."

I then monitor the input/output of the storage container and if my expense is exceeding my income, I try to find another source to balance it out.

Makes more complicated conveyancing, but that's fine - conveyancing is fun.
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As Mira notes, you can increase efficiency in early game but throttling back the assembler i.e. don't run it at 100% until you have belts fast enough to feed them.  Be nice for tweaking like this to be rewarded.  Givf 'Hang in there Kitty' poster in hub.

I was also thinking  efficiency should not be affected by clogged output - but I guess  then you shouldnt make what you dont need.
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