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I imagine this working similar to the truck stations. Items would flow into and input at 1 station and out of an output at another. At some periodic interval (i.e. 3 minutes) the items in the inventory of Station A would be teleported to Sation B to be unloaded from the output.

This could be a side chain for the Quartz or S.A.M. chains and targeted to late game progression.

Personal teleporters would also be kindof cool end game for players that have multiple factories spread across the map.
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This is true, but it would also make vehicles lose one great thing they can provide, speedy transportation. There would be much less incentive to make vehicles and would make this game turn more sci-fi.
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Could have it where it requires mass power, or have tiers where it’s more efficient to use the trucks at early stages of it, then it requires less power and transports more items at the later tiers. You could incorporate the colour gun as a way to link the teleporters to each other, like red to red, blue to blue etc
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