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I suggest a tier 2 foundation made with a combination of components( example: concrete,reinforced iron plates (or heavy modular frames), and quickwire). The new foundation would include electric conductivity. There would be a special foundation piece that has a electric connection post that allows you to connect a power pole or machine directly to the foundation.

The foundation would have to be connected to a power pole on the electric grid to provide power to the foundation. All tier 2 foundations that touch each other would carry the electric current through the floor.  Limiting the connector panels to only 1 connection initially would promote the continued use of power poles, or having to spend additional resources to build a foundation connection for each machine.

Advanced ideas:

  1. The "connector" foundation panel could have multiple levels (MK1, MK2, MK3). MK1 connector panels could be limited to 1 connection, MK2 could have 3 or 4, an so on. This would give some progression to the electrical floor. 
  2. Alternative recipes for the foundation pieces like wire instead of quick wire, heavy modular frames vs modular frames and reinforced iron plates, ect.
  3. Floor lights, the floor will already have electricity so why not add some lights to a special foundation piece.

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Love it. Maybe use different (optional) colors so as to tell them apart for upgrades and such?
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I like it too i hope it will be added!
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This sounds dangerous for humans on top of said electrified foundations
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I think this was suggested before. Personally, I'd prefer walls to conduct electricity rather than foundations. But I guess either is fine.

The reason why I'd like walls to do it is so we could potentially attach light fixtures to them and allow them to be powered automatically.
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For the life of me I can't come up with a reason we can't have both. I'd take those walls of yours with pleasure, if only for the lights alone.

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Allready planned, will come with Tier 7 or 8
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Like foundations and walls whit electricity conductivity?
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