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Recently posed a question in the discord Satisfaction #questions and help channel & was kindly directed here to make a suggestion that may be of some value to the community since its not currently implemented but could be useful.  

The Question I asked was:

 Is there any way to demolish multiple foundation segments (highlight) at once rather than individually demolishing every single foundation block? ..if not has there been any talk about adding such a feature from the developer in a future update?


The Suggestion..

ctrl+left click hold 1-2 sec or something to that effect - activates a deconstruction box to drag over selected area.  

Though if multiple objects are highlighted from various category's I wonder if it would be more efficient to have a drop down window (with scroll feature) next to the demolish icon notifying the player which category's are to be deleted with the option to check / uncheck boxes,  for example: (Check /uncheck bound to X as default with optional keybindings ofc)

By Category's I mean the Build Menu - Production - Power- Logistics - Foundations - Walls - Organisation & Vehicles, each to be activated if applicable (if built in the selected area) in the drop down menu before confirming mass deletion.    

In my mind this would drastically reduce wasted time spent demolishing every individual object that could be otherwise deleted in bulk to allow us to manage our time more efficiently, however it would be good to hear from the community with their thoughts.

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I was thinking somewhat similar. The time that takes to disassemble things sometimes discourages me from trying new layouts. There could be something like a double-click function. You could double-click a foundation and select all foundations connected to it and then delete them. If you want to isolate an area, you could just "disconect" it from the rest (manually delete some parts) and then delete the desired area.
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