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If Coffee Stain were to incorporate telnet access to the game console, it would expand on many aspects of gameplay such as multiplayer session control, and the construction of simple external tools. One ready example I can think of to suggest what adding this feature would be capable of, is Fallout 4’s Pip-Boy app. Coffee Stain wouldn’t even need to develop apps or utilities such as Pip-Boy, the community could, and would, use such an access point to build interesting and dynamic things for the game.

Off the top of my head, one utility I can think of that I’d develop myself, would be a non-intrusive appliance load monitor. Given access to the data displayed by the in-game power consumption graph, I could write a small program which would log into, or stay connected to, the telnet console to poll and monitor this data, derive a list of individual consumers based on the fluctuating data, or input those parameters manually, and display a semi real-time graph with indicators of suspected off-line producers through an external program.

Another more tangible, and probably more popular utility, would be one which displays the player(s) current position, inventory, global inventory, time of day, ect. If executable access were granted through this telnet, a utility could be created which would allow novel features such as automatically switching held items based on conditions, or moving specific inventory when a player opens a container.

Ultimately, implementing a telnet port into the game console, would be reasonable simplistic, would make basic modding more accessible to those with only rudimentary programing skills, and would give all players the ability to customize their experience without having to mod the base game.
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An API that gives access to a billion game variables could be interesting.  In any other game, you'd call it cheating, but that's kind of not a thing in a non-competitive game like this.
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I think it depends what one wants from a game, and I believe something of this nature would only be construed as cheating, if it was used in an unfair way. If one were running a competitive Ark server, and utilizing such a system to remotely dump player locations, then pass that information onto a web server to display those locations to a graphical map, maybe even applying a clan filter, that would be extremely useful.

Think of this as an application. You have a Satisfactory dedicated server running on a rent-a-server somewhere, then on a less powerful box at home, you have a small program logging into the DS garbing information such as building states, then you have that program creating an near up-to-date map displaying the locations of producers which have become resource starved and have shut down, allowing you to go deal with that problem.

The power in allowing access of this kind, is that it doesn't require file level access to a dedicated server, doesn't require modification of game files, but permits control and display of in-game conditions.

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The game console is way to restrictive to do anything with. What you want is modding support.
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Yes, of course I'd like modding support, but I would also like the ability to connect into the game remotely, from any IP, regardless if the game is in dedicated server or single player mode, poll and/or dump variables and conditions, and if possible, send commands such as list players, kick player, teleport player, modify inventory, spawn creature, change building state, ect. More complex commands are less of a priority on my wish list however, but basic stuff such as executing server essential commands, and the ability to dump variables, are fairly important to me.
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