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I'm assuming this is a bug. You are able to place paint gun color cartridges inside vehicle fuel tanks. This includes Truck Station fuel tanks. Not only that, but the vehicle can, in fact, run off of the color cartridge.

My first thought was that since they were made from flowers, perhaps it was considered some type of biomass, but you can't put them into Biomass Burners or anything else for that matter.

Edit: So, I went back into the game after posting this and removed the color cartridge from my tractor. Forgetting to refuel it, I got in and started driving. I then realized it was running on nothing.

I tested this by putting Biofuel back into the tractor, driving it for a moment, then removing the fuel. As intended, the tractor, now out of fuel, stopped running. I then put a color cartridge back in, drove it, then removed the cartridge. Now, however, the tractor continues to drive minutes after removing it.

So, you are able to use color cartridges to give vehicles infinite running power.

EDIT2: Okay, so I was mistaken. You don't get infinite fuel. It just runs abnormally long on a single color cartridge.

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cool. might be used as a feature.
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You can also you almost any organic material as fuel as well as the overclocking modules.  Not sure if this is intended or a bug.
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Vehicles work like biomass burners in that regard
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Cool find. Longest lasting fuel yet, given the stack size(except perhaps turbo, didnt test yet). Cant fit cartridges in any biomass burner though.
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