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I wanted to suggest an option for a speed demolish when a player holds the CTRL key down when demolishing items. The use case for this request is to speed the deconstruction of machines and belts without the need to wait for the progress bar. The progress bar may have been added as an equivalent to an alert box to say "are you sure you want to delete this item?" By holding CTRL the player can bypass the constant delay before deconstruction. 

The other benefit here is that this is just a shortcut option and far easier to program than the alternative suggestion by "Nyar-(Adam)" who suggested a tool to allow multiple objects to be simultaniously deconstructed. I think these are two entirely different approaches with different use cases and outcomes.

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I thought about having a 'mass demolition tool' but honestly getting rid of the progress bar would be good enough as i could demon click my way though an area much faster. At this point anything to speed up demolition would be welcome
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"Mark for deconstruction" tool first (maybe with a max item selection counter on it) then classic progress bar for the whole bunch to demolish at once....? Maybe?

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Demolishing with explosives would be fun :D
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Just had a useless vision : 4 nobelisks strapped together... yeah, quite pointless since you can already blow dozens at once, but can't control imagination, you know. Maybe a nobelisk mk2 would affect more things on its wider and strenghten blast.
Nah, this would eventually lead me to a weaponry oriented spyral thoughts, best to drop it here (like a bomb).
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