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I think it would be very nice to have the option to discard an incoming item in a storage container if it is full.
I was designing a factory and designed a single conveyor as output that all constructors/assemblers output merge into and is then carried to a storage container area where I use smart splitters to have one container of each resource. The problem is once one container is full, it blocks the conveyor.

The solution to this problem would be that we can configure on each storage container his behavior when full : either you don't do anything, or you discard the incoming item !
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Yes i  would find it good and it should be disabled too
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One problem with that sort of design is that you would never achieve a backlog of items -- when storage is full, it would still keep producing the items and sending them off to be destroyed.  This is a bit wasteful, even if there are infinite resources in the world (except possibly for biofuel).

The system is designed to eventually backstuff and shut down, which only really works if you have one belt per storage and don't "cross the streams".
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First biofuell wood and other stuff respawn every loading
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One resolution is to have a "run-around" loop where items not being able to be stored are sent back round a loop and merge back into the main line. That way, other items can still proceed along, albeit at a reduced pace.
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An overflow output is possibly useful (that's this idea: https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/12435/possibly-add-storage-container-that-third-output-overflow) -- and it would make a line that uses smart splitters more useful.  But it would be really awkward to design places to hook up those things.
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I agree, auto-discard in some way would be good. Also it would need to be controllable so that items don't get discarded by accident. I agree with Pdzly that it should be a setting. It could be a switch/checkbox when you open a storage container so you can choose if you want auto-discard enabled or disabled, and default would be disabled. Another option could be to add another piece of construction, an incinerator.
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yeah what you said would be the best thing and i hope they will add it

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The resources we mine are never wasted!

But an option to "expose" items to the back of the conveyor belt would be a nice feature.
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