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First of all,I want to say that I love this game so much and I have played the game more than 100 hours.So even I have difficulty in using English(I speak Chinese),I want to provide some suggestions.Please forgive me about the grammatical mistakes in my article.

First,about the character.Is he a robot with infinite energy?I mean, maybe we need survival system,the character will be hungery and thirsty and can't keep running for long,and we need farming or hunting to satify our survival needs.To adapt to the theme of the game,we can build automated farm to make us live better or biological laboratory to research medcine ,not to eat every nut we found. What'more, observation tower is useful in layout,but it's not convinent to climb up and down .Can I have a UAV? Just stand here ,control the UAV and build from it's vision.It's definitely cool.

Then ,about machines.I did a simple calculation,and found that one mining machine can at least afford 25 coal generator with overfrequency.1 minute 180,it's unrealistic about yield of coal, please make it lower. And we need more efficient machine in the front of pipeline which limit the increase of outputand .I also hope we can just upgrade a machine instead of dismantle it and build a new one, and I want a new function of separator that I can set the proportion of 3 different output and a new machine that can separator different kind of items on the conveyor belt.

At last, since we can produce computer,can you design a new machine that can show us the efficiency of one pipeline and balance the speed of all the machines of it automatically?

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There will be supercomputer able to build and with you can have configurable splitter. About survival system with hunger i disagree. This game is about running factory and gather resources. There is already plenty of games about surviving
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I don't want a survival system but I think it would be fun to have stuff for cosmetic reasons.

For example, the hub upgraded has beds.. I think it would be cool to climb into the bed, have a kip and "fast forward" time until the next morning, or whatever.

Build cosmetic items like beds, chairs, etc - to make it look more lived in.

I have a problem with converting power slugs into energy; so why not build a "sanctuary" or something like that that the slug can live in? Collect unique looking plants etc for it.

It's not required *at all*, and has VERY low priority in my books. It's not a requirement; merely a nice to have.
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