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I played the game to Tier 3, but I don't find any filter for the splitter or conveyor. This is important to sort items in the chests or for the production lines. Pleas add this feature. Thanks!
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So, I'm in my first playthrough now, and I'm pretty much done with whatever Alpha can give me (T1-T3), so if this is present in like say an advanced version, then cool. But...

"Logistics" is somewhat misleading as of now in the game...  As of now, they're just dumb conveyor belts and passive splitters. We need to be able to sort what we want out of each exit in a Conveyor Splitter. As it is now, there is no logistics, just a I take these 9 items in, if available space on the track I'll split them like this:

Item 1, item 4, item 7
Item 2, item 5, item 8
Item 3, item 6, item 9

Now the exit it goes to might not even have any need for this at all... and therefor stopping the conveyor whenever it reaches it's destination. So we need a menu for the splitter that lets us set what goes to what output.
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This would be great. Right now trains with loops and multiple stops puts things in different containers. A Splitter Filter would solve this.

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There is more logistic stuff in the late game just wait for the launch. The Alpha don't even show 20% of what we will have when the game launches.
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