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i have two suggestion for container Improved.

it is for the radiation of the uranium (need to be able to craft an armored container).
AND be able to build  conveyor in form of tunneling for the uranium.

it's a Container with a wifi signal !

so, when a truck take ore and come to the station in my case the ore are dispatched on a big sorting machine

see here https://1drv.ms/u/s!Avi2-a5QiXZfjFZhj1wdC6zs4uOY

the big things is more a  wifi regulator container  for trafic of the ore from the truck station and a small coveyor beacon.
i see a menu on the truck station for conect or not one or more container.
and say how we want ressource from the truck.

for exemple:

truck station--------inteligent spliter---------Container 1-----machine for iron
                                    |------container2-----conv.becon.-----container3-----machine for copper

in this case the inteligent spliter go stop the chain if we send iron ore and copper ore in the same time, if the container 1 OR the 2 is full.

but with my solution, whe need make a configuration on the truck station and made sp├ęcial container.

Charging container (3) (name and connection wifi)
Conveyor beacon (connection wifi)
Normal container (2)

i connect the (3) to the 2 by wifi and give name connection.
on the truck station, i activate the connection between the truck station and the conveyor group.

go to my truck in the menu for the track you add a fonction of parking track.
you make the track of parking.

now all are ok for begining, you have the beacon alert from conveyor, a signal are transmited to the truckstation, the truck go make the track for parcking and rest on the place all the time needed for make the container (3) empty.

when he is fully empty a signal are re transmited to the truck station and the truck stop the parck ang go driving.

what do you think about that? i hope you can understand me, i'm french and i don't speak english xD

hand u can develope a thier 8 on the hub ^^
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