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I think it would be a nice little bonus to be able to chose what you wish to place when laying conveyors. A pole or a stackable conveyor pole. Saves the trouble of having to manually place the stackable ones.
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How would you choose how many stackable conveyor poles you would place when you are laying conveyor belts? If you look up it would just think that you are trying to place them in the sky, and if you look at the ground you would just be placing the conveyor on the ground. Or if you just want one placed when you look at the ground then yeah, I guess that would be a thing that would be nice to be able to do.
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I imagine it could work just as the regular poles work now. Click once to set the location, then again to adjust the height.  However even if it didn't offer adjustable height, and just laid it on a solitary stackable pole (or snapped on top of an existing stackable pole) I would appreciate this feature, same as I would appreciate the option to change the default power pole that gets placed while laying power lines.
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This is a great idea, I'd also like to ask for the ability to replace normal poles with stackable ones in a similar way to upgrading belts. At the moment you have to remove the original conveyor and place a new one.

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Wish we could have the option to scroll the mouse wheel while placing a conveyor belt stand. Each notch upward would add and extend a tower above it. Scroll down to lower/remove tower.
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Maybe even select multiple conveyor belts, the destination you lead to would already have a tower on it and still be able to add above and below (Adding higher option or removing options you've already selected.)
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AGREED!     Sir!

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